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Mitosis: Escape From STAR Station

Mitosis: Escape From STAR Station

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The imprisoned PCs are next in line for human experimentation, but containment is breached. The scientists transform into Brainiac freakazoids, and the space pirate Test Subjects turned Cyberviral Tetsuo-monsters lead a prison break amid the chaos. The station has become a war zone, and the prison doors just opened…

Escape from STAR Station is larger than your average pamphlet: a four-fold, 8” x 16” folio with art by Izzy B, a.k.a. Sigmacastell (The Oceans are Endless on Meridian, Orbital Debris, Meat Grinder). This adventure goes full gonzo horror, aiming for a gross-out 90s cartoon look. And of course, it's Mitosis, so nasty body horror splitting is bound to happen!

This product is based on the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror Role Playing Game, published by Tuesday Knight Games. This product is published under license. MOTHERSHIP® is a registered trademark of Tuesday Knight Games. All rights reserved. For additional information, visit or contact

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