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Graveyard of the Gods - Deluxe Edition

Graveyard of the Gods - Deluxe Edition

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40 Page, Saddle Stitch, 5.5”x8.5”, Full Color Covers, B&W Interior

11x17 Poster, 4"Round Patch

Graveyard of the Gods is an underground adventure which can be experienced within an existing campaign, as a primer for a larger campaign, or a resource to be exploited for a Warden's own stories.

The location for Graveyard of the Gods, Netjeru, is not only the biggest motherlode in the galaxy, but also its harshest prison. The corps say that any prisoner that survives 6 months will have their record cleared and be given their freedom. No one has lasted longer than 45 days. Something may be stirring inside Netjeru, but nothing stops the corporate machine. Not even incomprehensible gnostic horror.

With this supplement, we hope to introduce gnostic horror into Mothership, mimicking the tone of games like Kult: Divinity Lost and The Call of Cthulhu.

This supplementary Zine is 40 pages long, with art done by Sam Wildman, artist for Mothership 1e's Shipbreaker's Toolkit. Included features are:

  • Arcology Generator: Roll up (almost) self-sufficient domes which are populated by Netjeru's prison population, or pillage the chart and place these Arcologies anywhere in the galaxy for any campaign.
  • Planetary Depths: A vertical dungeon-crawl generation table, inspired by the likes of Veins of the Earth and AD&D, for use when mining or exploring the underground of any terrestrial planet. The table can be used anywhere in the galaxy, with both specific and general minerals listed for excavation and sale.
  • Supernal Mutations Table: Give your players horrible malformations, manifesting as a result of human (and even android) minds trying to grapple with unknowable words of power.
  • Mining Machines: Terrestrial and sub-terrestrial vehicles and rules used to explore the hidden depths of planets and moons.
  • Impossible Artifacts: Hidden in secret cavities, these strange organs contain the last vestiges of power belonging to the excavated god corpses.
  • Mining and Monsters: Lymphatic horrors hunt anyone who dares to disturb the slumbering bodies, with treasures in the form of pulsating Macrocells and Godsblood fetching hundreds of thousands of credits...if you can escape the planetoid.

This product is based on the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror Role Playing Game, published by Tuesday Knight Games. This product is published under license. MOTHERSHIP® is a registered trademark of Tuesday Knight Games. All rights reserved. For additional information, visit or contact

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